Our Congregations


First Presbyterian Church, Aberdeen

PO Box 238 Aberdeen MS 39730; Tel: 662-369-2485

Pastor: Van Moore, Supply Pastor

Clerk: Gail Dalrymple

Worship Services are at 10:00 a.m. on Sundays



Algoma Presbyterian Church, Monroe

P.O. Box 144 Algoma MS 38820

Pastor: vacant

Clerk: Bobby Miller

First Presbyterian Church, Amory

209 4th St. South, Amory MS 38821; Tel: 662-256-5342

Pastor: vacant

Clerk: Christy Brown

Email: woodthrush5728@hotmail.com

Worship 10:45 AM

Fellowship Dinner 1st Wednesdays 6:00 PM - January through June, August and September. Special Fellowship Events October -December. 

Men's Fellowship 3rd Wednesdays 6:00 PM

Women's Study Group  

Book Club monthly

Blessing of the Animals each October, Sunday nearest St. Francis Day, 2:00 PM

Visit us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/fpcamory and http://www.facebook.com/FirstPresbyterianAmoryYouth


Batesville Presbyterian Church

121 Eureka St Batesville MS 38606; Tel: 662-563-3001/8061; Fax: 662-563-3078

Pastor: Jerry Long

Secretary: Teresa Hargett

Sunday Morning Schedule:

  • 9 a.m. Worship with the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper
  • 9:45 Sunday School for all ages
  • 10:30 Fellowship time in the Recreation Room
  • 11:00 Worship

Black Jack Presbyterian Church, Batesville

PO Box 1036 Batesville MS 38606; Tel: 662-563-3353

Pastor: Rev. Ron Wilson, TS

Clerk: Janet Ware

Independence Presbyterian Church, Batesville

10700 Hwy 35 S Batesville MS 38606; Tel: 662-563-2861

Pastor: Doug Sullivan-Gonzalez, TS


Benoit Union Church

412 Preston St Benoit MS 38725; Tel: 662-742-3833


Fairfield Presbyterian Church, Blue Springs

PO Box 146 Blue Springs MS 38828

Pastor: Dan Rupert, SS

Church website: www.fairfieldpresbyterian.org/

Booneville Presbyterian Church

PO Box 743 Booneville MS 38829; Tel: 662-728-5246

Pastor: Joe Keith Carpenter, Minister - Other

Clerk:Julian Johnson

First Presbyterian Church, Byhalia

2532 Church St Byhalia MS

Mailing Address: PO Box 434 Byhalia MS

Pastor: Bill Connolly, SS

Clerk: Janis Moore



First Presbyterian Church, Cleveland

1100 Hwy 8 W Cleveland MS 38732; Tel: 662-843-4239

Pastor: Sid Harmon, Stated Supply

Clerk: Becky Knighton

Church Administrator: Paula Sington  firstpresclms@hotmail.com

First Presbyterian Church, Columbus

PO Box 9681 Columbus MS 39705-0021; Tel: 662-328-5992

Email: firstprescolumbus@gmail.com

Pastor: Wayne Bruchey, Interim Pastor

Secretary: Tracie Weathers

Clerk: Maridith Geuder

Covenant Presbyterian Church, Corinth

1303 Pine Road  Corinth MS 38834

Pastor: Larry Sizemore

Clerk: Rob Rogers



Falkner Presbyterian Church

Hwy 15 S Falkner MS c/o 2840 CR 410 Ripley MS 38663


Clerk: Andy Braddock


Huntsville Presbyterian Church, French Camp

Rt 1 Box 127 French Camp MS 39745



Calvary Presbyterian Church, Greenville

1401 N Martin Luther King Dr Greenville MS 38703; Tel: 662-335-5619

Pastor: Vacant

First Presbyterian Church, Greenville

1 John Calvin Circle Greenville MS 38701; Tel: 662-332-3144/3145; Tel: 662-332-3146

Pastor: William Robert Sharman, III

Church Administrator: Susan M. Glasco

Clerk: Bill Baird



First Presbyterian Church, Grenada

92 2nd St Grenada MS 38902-0387; Tel: 662-226-4429 

Mailing Address: PO Box 387 Grenada MS 38902-0387

Pastor: Bobby Taylor Vance, CRE

Clerk: Beverly Thompson

Website: First Presbyterian Church - Grenada

Hamilton Presbyterian Church

PO Box 95 Hamilton MS 39746


Clerk: Bessie Lou Stanford


First Presbyterian Church, Hernando

1455 McIngvale Rd Hernando MS 38632 Tel: 662-429-6646   Fax: 888-797-0168

Pastor: Rob White

Administrator: Tonia Marshall  Email: fpctonia@comcast.net

Christian Educator: Joyce Dean, Email: fpcjoyce@comcast.net

Clerk: Karen Hill

Treasurer: Tonia Marshall

website: www.fpchernando.com

First Presbyterian Church, Holly Springs

164 S Memphis St Holly Springs MS 38635

Pastor: Deborah de Boer

Clerk: J.Kizer Jones




New Bethlehem Presbyterian Church, Horn Lake

PO Box 223 Horn Lake MS 38637; Tel: 662-342-2732; Fax: 662-342-9773

Pastor: vacant

Clerk: Billy Worsham

Lake Cormorant Presbyterian Church, Eudora

7182 Hwy 301 N Lake Cormorant MS 38641

Pastor: Terry Jackson, SS

Clerk: Chris Schoonbeck




Leland Presbyterian Church

PO Box 148 Leland MS 38756; Tel: 662-686-7644; Fax: 662-686-7644

Email: lpc@lelandpres.org

Website: Leland Presbyterian Church

Pastor: Mat Taylor

Secretary: Marilyn Williams

Clerk: Mitzi Dean


Bethany Presbyterian Church, Louisville

Rt 1 Box 222 Louisville MS 39339; Tel: 662-773-2257


Clerk: Gloria Turnipseed



St. James Presbyterian Church, Louisville

8815 Hwy 25 S Louisville MS 39339


Clerk: Janice Thompson

Mount Zion Presbyterian Church, McCool

Rt 1 Box 16-A McCool MS 39108


Clerk: T.J. Vowell

Nesbit Presbyterian Church

1545 Gwynn Rd Nesbit MS 38651; Tel: 662-429-4739


Clerk: Terry Ashworth

Nettleton Presbyterian Church

30007 Butler Rd Nettleton MS 38858

Mailing Address: Box 1816 Nettleton MS 38858

Pastor: Vacant


Pine Hill Presbyterian Church, Oakland

PO Box 611 Charleston MS 38921

Pastor: Vacant



Okolona Presbyterian Church

PO Box 142 Okolona MS 38860; Tel: 662-447-5744

Pastor: Sandra Sisson, SS



Wren Presbyterian Church, Okolona

32682 Hwy 45 N Okolona MS 38860

Pastor: Vacant



Bethel Presbyterian Church, Olive Branch

3810 Bethel Rd Olive Branch MS 38654; Tel: 662-895-5410

Pastor: Rev. Melissa Malinoski

Organist/Pianist: Praba Emmanuel 
Clerk of Session/Administrative Assistant: Nancy S. Jones 
Church Treasurer: Janet Dye 




First Presbyterian Church, Oxford

924 Van Buren Ave Oxford MS 38655; Tel: 662-234-1757/1761; Fax: 662-234-1702

Website: First Presbyterian Church - Oxford


Associate Pastor: Ann Kelly 

Office Manager: Frances Saralvarez

Clerk: Mary Glynn Wright

Sand Spring Presbyterian Church, Oxford

c/o Thomas Webb 258 CR 354 Oxford MS 38655

Pastor: Vacant


Dixon Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia

14171 Hwy 21 S Philadelphia MS 39350-7708

Pastor: Vacant


Unity Presbyterian Church, Plantersville

P.O. Box 446  Plantersville, MS  38862


Pastor: Vacant

Clerk of Session and Treasurer: Jennifer Dennington


First Presbyterian Church, Pontotoc

124 S Main St Pontotoc MS 38863; Tel: 662-489-2183

Pastor: vacant

email: 1stprespontotoc@att.net

Clerk: Cathy Yeoman

New Hope Presbyterian Church, Rienzi (Biggersville)

499 CR 513 Rienzi MS 38865; Tel: 662-287-5804

Pastor: Nicholas Phillips

Clerk: Sam Kemp - P.O. Box 1452, Corinth, MS  38835

Treasurer: Evelyn Farrior - 540 Hwy 45, Rienzi, MS  38865

Website: New Hope Presbyterian Church

Ripley Presbyterian Church

PO Box 556 Ripley MS 38663; Tel: 662-837-3765

Pastor: Jody Hill

Website: Ripley Presbyterian Church

Administrator: Darlene Walker

Clerk: Price Elliott


New Prospect Presbyterian Church, Ripley

6371-A Hwy 370 S Ripley MS 38663


Clerk: Al Stroupe



Westminster Presbyterian Church, Ripley

CR 537 Ripley MS 38663





First Presbyterian Church, Saltillo

PO Box 1027 Saltillo MS 38862; Tel: 662-869-5172

Pastor: Dan Rupert, SS

Treasurer: Eddie Richey



New Hope Presbyterian Church, Scobey

c/o William Earl McCammon 

148 Mitchell Drive, Scobey, MS 38953

Pastor: Vacant


Senatobia Presbyterian Church

431 W Main St Senatobia MS 38668; Tel: 662-562-8743/8670

Email: senpres@bellsouth.net

Pastor: Frank Beck

Admin Staff: Pam Simpson

Clerk: Natalie Troutt


Providence Presbyterian Church, Southaven 

PO Box 522 Southaven MS 38671; Tel: 662-349-2070; Fax: 662-349-2074


Sunday: Assembly at 9:30 a.m.

Sunday: Sunday School at 9:45 a.m.

Sunday: Worship Service at 11:00 a.m.


First Presbyterian Church, Starkville

c/o Vicki Schramm 110 Kingston Court, Starkville, MS 39759; Phone/Fax 662-323-2519


Associate Pastor: Vacant

Administrator/Records Clerk: Vicki Schramm  (vschramm@bellsouth.net)

Clerk: Robert Green


Trinity Presbyterian Church, Starkville

607 Hospital Rd Starkville MS 39759; Tel: 662-323-9340/3511; Fax: 662-323-0945

Email: trinity@trinitypcusa.org

Website: Trinity Presbyterian Church - Starkville

Pastor: Buren Blankenship 

Clerk: Patti Drapala

Administrator: Alice McClelland

Sumner Presbyterian Church

PO Box 504 Sumner MS 38957; Tel: 662-375-8734

Pastor: Rev. Greg Goodwiller, SS

Clerk: Sylvia Murphy

Website: www.sumnerpcusa.weebly.com

Lebanon Presbyterian Church

598 McCharen Road, Thaxton, MS 38871; Tel: 662-489-7210

Pastor: Vacant

Clerk:John McCharen



First Presbyterian Church, Tupelo

PO Box 1725 Tupelo MS 38802-1725; Tel: 662-842-5681; Fax: 662-842-1696

Website: www.firstprestupelo.org

Pastor: Olin McBride, Interim Pastor

Clerk: Cindy Faucette

Secretary: Theresa Nichols

Financial Secretary: Kay Stanford

Zion Presbyterian Church, Tupelo

Pastor: Tom Hewitt, CRE

Clerk: Gary L. Carnathan

Website: Zion Presbyterian Church - Tupelo

Friendship Presbyterian Church, Van Vleet

Hwy 32 W CR 115 Van Vleet MS; Tel: 662-447-5831

Mailing Address: 1698 Hwy 32 Ext Okolona MS 38860

Pastor: Vacant


Greenfield Presbyterian Church, Waterford

5024 Old Hwy 7 S Waterford MS 38685; Tel: 662-252-6072

Mailing Address: PO Box 122 Waterford MS 38685

James Lyons, Supply Pastor

Clerk: Evelyn Elliott

Weir Presbyterian Church

Pastor: Fred Davenport, Minister-Other

Clerk: Morris Belk 



Trinity Presbyterian Church, West Point

Mailing address: P.O. Box 566, West Point MS 39773;

Tel: 662-494-7149; Fax: 662-494-6080

Pastor: Vacant

Treasurer: Naomi S. Kilgore